Everybody look at this photo.

It’s of 29 year old Pete Oswald who was skiing in Hector Mountains, Otago, New Zealand, when he noticed a sheep falling from a rocky ridge. He went over for a closer look and found it unable to walk, so he bundled the 40-kilogram ewe into his arms and skied down the slope to safety.

National hero.

Credit: Dan Power



Exactly. A wolf in sheep’s clothing or I guess, in this case, a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

The X Files (1993)


Turns out there aren’t just bunny rabbits bouncing around outside my work - we also have a paddock full of sheep. Good old New Zealand.



Gylen Castle and sheep, symbolic …..

Gylen Castle, build by the Clan MacDougall in 1582, on the southern part of the island of Kerrera in Argyll and Bute, juts into the sky on the tip of a promontory overlooking the Firth of Lorne

They are the king

Sheep: Baa

Me: *pets* I know that feel

i want to share i like the H H H H Holy shit part in the beginning i think about it a lot


the fact that I can’t grow horns is really cramping my style

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